Frozen Lemon-Watermelon treats

It is still summer down under, and I know it is starting to heat up back in the US in many areas. (I mean days in the 70's in February?!) Because so many people are spending more time outdoors it is important to stay hydrated. Don't groan and roll your eyes yet thinking this is going to be one more blog about the how you need to drink more water. I promise I won't be giving you one more crazy equation to use to try and work out just how much water you REALLY should be having. This post is much more fun! A great way to stay hydrated is by eating foods with a high water content. Let's compare: celery and bread. Which one has a higher water content? You got it-celery! By adding in foods filled with water, you are providing nourishment to your body without having to lug around a massive water bottle with you everywhere. 

Watermelon is a wonderful food that can really help your hydration. Watermelon is a high-lycopene food and is great for cardiovascular health! When you blend it up and add lemon, you have got yourself a zesty treat.

I whipped up these yummy popsicles/ice lollies in less than 10 minutes! (Minus the time to freeze of course)

1) Cut up your watermelon and remove the rind from the flesh. Throw the flesh into a blender. 

2) Slice up lemons, or juice 1-2 lemons, depending on your taste. I had organic lemons so I wasn't worried about the peel and after slicing, I threw the whole thing in. The peel of a lemon actually contains 5-10x more vitamins like C and A than the lemon juice itself!

3) Blend it all together in a high powered blender. 

4) Pour the liquid into popsicle trays.

5) Freeze overnight

If you have any leftovers, drink them as a delicious tangy juice!

Let me know how you like to make variations-do you add in mint, other fruits, or something wild and unique to you?!