Changing Habits-Screen Time

When you read the title of “Changing Habits” what do you think of first? Cessation of smoking? Walking more? Swapping your soda for water? All of those things do fall under this category. However, daily habits do not stay within the confines of what you eat or drink, or how you exercise. We have all heard the old adage, “What you think, you become.” So, I challenge you to change where you let your focus go. Whenever you find yourself with downtime, you are most likely going to look to the screen on your computer or phone to fill your time. I suggest you make some healthy swaps where you spend your time on the internet so I am sharing with you my personal favourite websites to visit.

Mind Body Green

MBG is an excellent source of articles, recipes, and inspiration. Authors featured on the site range from top notch professionals, to those with an interest in health. There are often articles debating two sides of polarising topics such as Bikram yoga. Many personal triumphs are shared, as well as easy to make dishes. They have recently expanded and now feature video articles, some of which are free and some of which you can pay for a subscription to. I follow them on social media, so my newsfeed is always blowing up with good ideas. I enjoy the variety of content and can spend hours on there by planning every meal for the next month, learning more about topics I am still somewhat clueless about (hello hormones and fertility), and finding tips on how to perfect my running stride. Honestly, everything health-related is all covered at Mind Body Green.

Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal is a site dedicated to mindfulness. Their articles focus more on the mental side of things, but cover everything from casual sex to permaculture. Elephant Journal is where I like to go for my daily dose of gratitude-infused reading. After a couple of articles I get a little warm-fuzzy feeling about life. Elephant Journal is free for the first 3 articles per day, and if you want to read more (which, believe me will be easy when you follow all of their “relephant” suggestions of articles based on your taste in articles) you can pay about $1 USD a month for unlimited reading! How great is that?! What I love about Elephant Journal is that it is still at a grassroots level, and you often see the founder, Waylon Lewis, in videos and articles truly living the messages Elephant Journal preaches.

Take Part

Take Part calls itself a “social action platform for the conscious consumer.” They have different categories for information, but I always gravitate to their food section. Take Part is based in the United States so most of their articles are covering current hot topics there such as children’s school lunches, taxes on fizzy drinks and sodas, and which fast food restaurants are going GMO free. Although the references they make may be to Americans, the information about childhood obesity, humane raising and slaughtering of animals, and food insecurity issues are relevant to all.

Well – The New York Times Health Blog

This blog from The New York Times offers expert advice on disease, health promotion, fitness and more. Some of the world’s top doctors and medical advisers contribute and weigh in on hotly debated topics and produce articles with up-to-the-minute information when new research is released.