How can you survive the day after a sleepless night?

It is inevitable. We all have sleepless nights now and again. Whether it is work that is creeping into our mind and not allowing us to relax and unwind until past midnight, or a pet, spouse, or child that wakes us up early, or myriad other factors, we miss sleep. Before you could just have your barista throw in an extra shot for you, now what can you turn to for your lift? Here are some of the best tips for waking up when all you want to do is play hooky. 

* Get up when your alarm goes off. I am awful at this and set my alarm for 30-45 minutes before I actually have to rush out of bed. If you can afford it, set your alarm back a bit until when you REALLY must be arising. Then when it goes off, you get up. Simple as that. Those extra 30 minutes would be much more beneficial if you were truly sleeping instead of rolling around in bed grumbling about getting up. This is an experiment so I'll try it too.

*Get outside. This knocks off two birds with one stone. Seeing natural sunlight perks you up and if you are outside you are going to be moving your body. So a nice walk around the block or some yoga on your balcony can help. 

*Tackle the tough stuff first. If you haven't slept well, you will be functioning much better the first 4 hours you are awake than later in the day. Push through to get all the big jobs on your desk done first. That way you can hopefully slide through the end of the afternoon (I'm looking at you 3:30 p.m. and beyond) with just small administrative tasks. You know, all that stuff that you need to do but always put off? Use the last of your energy on a sleepy day to cross some of the smaller, less important tasks off.

*Lunch time activity. You would probably choose to crawl under your desk and snooze if you could, but if that is not an option (and even if it is) you should move your body. Get to the gym or go for a brisk walk, or do a quick Tabata workout in a park nearby. Getting your blood moving and your heart rate up will help keep you alert and focused when you start to really crash.

*Snack with strength. Make sure you are munching on protein rich foods throughout the day. Eggs, nuts and seeds, quinoa, and meats are awesome. If you can top those with omega-3's, from an avocado for example, you will be doing even better. 

In Health,

Marissa x