Grounding for Goodwill

Think about the last time you slept exceptionally well and woke up feeling completely energized and totally refreshed? Now rewind to the previous day-what were you doing? I would bet that you would have spent most of the day outside. On that day, what were your activities? Swimming in the ocean, playing in a park, chasing after kids in the backyard?

The feeling of refreshment, and euphoria can come from a practice called "grounding." It may seem a bit out there for some, or too simplistic for others, but grounding is removing the barriers between you and nature. So, swimming in a lake or ocean, walking barefoot on the grass, scrambling over rocks and climbing trees. All the things that humans did many years ago on a daily basis, and most kids still do today. But what about you? When was the last time you opted to be barefoot and roam around? 

Grounding has been studied by many people it is often listed as having "invisible benefits." Additionally, some researchers believe that grounding can transfer negative ions from the ground's surface into our bodies where they then pair off with free radicals. We all know by know free radicals=bad, so anything to keep them paired up and happy=good. I suggest you do your own research on negative ions to form your own beliefs.

However, even if it is only anecdotal, I think we can all agree that spending some time out in nature only brings benefits. Try to add in a 10 minute walk each day through a lush area-even if that is just walking through a leafy suburb near your house. Taking the time to relax and allow nature to recharge you will bring physical and mental benefits.